Keeping you informed every step of the way with our extensive training programs including substantive exposure to clinical dynamics, reimbursement complexities, regulation requirements, specialty logistics and leading information technologies. Over 29 years in business has given us the experience to develop state of the art compliance software such as our Track N Trend DQSA/DSCSA Repository solution.

Delivering the medication you need, when you need it even during periods of shortage in the market. HCI shares your commitment to critical care and has earned a reputation in the industry for consistent reliability, building and maintaining a strong alliance with our vendors, providing innovative health care solutions and services. Leverage your Compliance data using our proprietary Track N Trend Data Analytics Cloud Software!
Providing unsurpassed support 24/7 through the industry’s top professionals. Our internal training focuses on both products along with information technology and product tracking systems. We view ourselves as more than a supply partner – we are an extension of the manufactures we represent and the customers we serve. Check Out Our New Online Ordering Web Portal!

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  Subject: HCI Price Alert: Oncology
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 Subject: Oncology: Mix & Match & Save!
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 Subject: Just Say PalAza Please!!
 Published: June 6 2018 10:20 AM EDT

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 Subject: Pfizer products have arrived!
 Published: May 30 2018 1:20 PM EDT

 Subject: AuroMedics: DEXAMETHASONE $145.00
 Published: May 22 2018 1:20 PM EDT

 Subject: ACCORD: ETOPOSIDE $28.75
 Published: May 15 2018 12:56 PM EDT
 Products: ETOPOSIDE

 Subject:Oncology - Mitomycin Bladder Cancer Therapies
 Published: May 8 2018 12:45 PM EDT
 Products: Mitomycin/Octagam

 Subject: Oncology Therapies - Brain Cancer
 Published: May 1 2018 1:12 PM EDT

 Subject: IVIG Supply...fact or fiction?
 Published: April 24 2018 12:59 PM EDT
 Products: OCTAGAM 5% & 10% In Stock!

 Subject: BREAKING: ASHP Drug Shortage Update
 Published: April 17 2018 2:17 PM EDT
 Products: SODIUM FERRIC GLUCONATE 62.5MG 5ML SD VIAL 10/BOX 00591-0149-87

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Published - 03/24/2018

Trial offers optimism in treating recurrent brain cancer
University of Minnesota researchers are expressing optimism regarding efforts to treat recurrent brain cancer. Researchers determined more than a quarter of patients with recurrent high-grade glioma, a form of brain cancer, were alive more than three years after treatment with officials attributing the achievement to gene therapy. 5-fluorouracil killed certain immune suppressive myeloid cells, thereby boosting the patient's immune system to recognize and attack the cancer cells. Read More

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$200 BILLION of Branded Drug Patents will be expiring in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

This is why the big 3 are trying to lock you in to long term contracts that minimizes your ability to shop for the best arrangements with best price.


Industry trends suggest that pharmaceutical consumers are being lured into long term contracts with major distributors that minimizes their ability to shop for competitive pricing from an alternative distributor who offers enhanced personal services and pricing.These contracts are developed in conjunction with wholly owned In-House GPOs' which locks the consumer into commitments that handcuffs them to one distributor for many years without opportunity negotiate better pricing.

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